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integrated systems

System Features

 They are integrated systems that combine all administrative, accounting, marketing, manufacturing, leasing, education, management, planning and quality tasks in one automated system that operates in the cloud on the Internet or in local servers and is adjustable and developed to meet the needs of companies and institutions in any field.

 Linked systems in one comprehensive system that you can rely on without the need for any other systems

 Systems characterized by exquisite design and ease of use, they are far from complex and you can simply understand and deal with them and achieve the greatest benefit

 Can be used on smartphones and tablets or on local servers

 It enables you to activate only the software modules you need, which increases the ease of use

 Minimize human resource errors and make the most of them

 The cost of developing and modifying the system is low as well as the cost of activation compared to other systems

 Integration and interaction between all departments (sales, purchases, stores … etc.), which leads to the implementation of tasks accurately and quickly with operations carried out by the system without the need for the user

 The ability to connect with other global services such as stores, payment methods and shipping companies, etc

 Manage emails, emails and files through the system without the need to open any other programs

 Managing workflow, tasks, projects and activities of all kinds

 Archiving management and integrated administrative communications

 The systems are designed to meet all future growth needs through multiple system partitions.

 Easily follow up on customers by following up on invoices, following up on sales orders, customer comments, and sending emails to customers. etc

 Smart, diverse and comprehensive reports

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Makkah Al-Mukarramah - An Nuzhah District - Building No. 6852


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